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Testing out my facebook badge

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edit: hmmmm not working

Great Story!

Okay, so i am sure that while this news story was occurring it was quite scary, but no one was hurt and it's really bloody funny! So, check out the B&E Ninja Kangaroo!



I'm published!!

My course review has been published! Yeah!! This is the citation (kind of nerdy that I did this, but I needed it for my resume) :)

Urban, Katie. On-line workshop review. Aboriginal care of collections: Redefining the meaning of care. ICOM-CC: Ethnographic Conservation Newsletter 30, (January 2009), pp. 13-15.

ICOM - CC = International Council  of Museums - Conservation Committee

And I found out today that its going to be reprinted in the March issue of the Canadian Conservation Bulletin.

So despite generally Fort Frances and Winter blahs, today was a good day :) 


Belvoir Castle

Apparantly this lovely and majestic castle is in Leicestershire, between Leicester and Nottingham.

Why didn't I go there?????

I Guess I'll have to visit when I go back, lol!


Is a confused chipmunk

My jaw hurts from the wisdom teeth extraction and my right cheek is all puffy.

How does everyone else stay positive? Everyone keeps telling me to stay positive. And I google 'how to stay positive' and nothing seems applicable. Spend time with friends and family, well I can't. Keep a journal of 5 positive things each day. How am i supposed to find  5 things every day. It'll just be a lot of my cat was really cute today. My most positive thing last week. I got a very pretty rejection letter from Buckingham Palace oh and Pickle was really cute.

I don't know what to do. I want to quit. But would that be a huge mistake? Why is quitting a job because it isnt right for you such a negative thing. Why do you have to justify it.

right now I am looking forward to the day I leave this place or i get to go home for the summer. When Melissa and I are going to see  MacBeth (with Colme Feore AND Geraint Wynne Davies) and Julius Caesar (with Geraint Wynne Davies) and A funny thing happened on the way to the forum at the Stratford Festival. That if they were doing the Lysistrata starring Dr. Schaus they couldn't get any better! lol

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Writer's Block: Doctor Who?

26-year-old actor Matt Smith was anointed as the eleventh Doctor Who this week. If you were in charge of casting, who would you cast as your ideal Doctor and why?
A friend of mine mentioned Ewan Mcgregor as a possibility for the next Doctor. I think he would be an excellent Doctor, although maybe he would be more of a post watershed Doctor, lol, and a bit of a match for Capt. Jack.

That's right Fort Frances is -30 celsius today, with a windchill warning. Lovely.

Alert, Nunavut is -29 celsius no listed windchill.  Above is a map of Canada with Alert and FF. 

I have nothing else to say.



Its -24'Celsius with a -36' windchill

I think I got mild frostbite from being outside about 2 mins. So curiously I check the weathernetwork, and it is warner in yellowknife, slightly warmer than Whitehorse and Iqualuit is -29, but no recoded windchill.

Alert Nunavut is -27' with a windchill -38 windchill, so relatively the same temp, but they have something called 'Ice Crystals' at the moment, which I imagine to be little icicles raining out of the sky, which seems dangerous. So, Alert has Fort Frances beat for crappyness, of course they are the most northern settlement in Canada and is primarily inhabited by poor mounties who drew the short straws at assignments, so yuo expect them to win in the crappy cold weather contest.

I hate my life, please please please, someone give me a new job. Someplace warmer please.