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I am falling over the edge........,

 I have little panic attacks thinking about things. Like i imagine coming back up here after christmas and I think about how I am going to feel that day and I panic because I dont want to feel that.  

I keep trying to be positive and thinking of my mantra "It's only for now and soon  can leave and go somewhere better" but its so hard.  Because I have very little positives to focus on. I mean I know that nothing is horribly awful, lots of people have far worse lives than I do, but it doesn't help.

I just wish my mum would stop saying 'Well you can't quit"  I can think of lots of reasons why I can quit!  

A aaah Its on again!!! 


*sings* I don't wanna work........

May. 26th, 2008

Haha! "I don't want to work I just want to bang on the drums all day" just came on the radio! So apt!! 
I managed to upload Ianto theme moods!!! Go me!!
I hate it! I HATE IT!!!!!!!! I HATE SNOW! And it is snowing AGAIN!!!! I can't take it! I don't want to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss Pub Quizzes!

Why has no other country adopted the idea of  the pub quiz? Not that there would be one in Fort Frances, but i really miss them even if I was rubbish at UK music trivia (how could i not know a single song!) 

Ugh, so bored.

Happy May Day

Well its May, I can't believe it! There's still snow outside. There's a mountain in the safeway parking lot actually. 

I have been at work by myself since Monday and I am bored out of my mind! This place is so quiet, no one comes in and to top it all off I also have to work tomorrow night and saturday at the bloody homeshow!

I hate my life right now.

I have no excitment, nothing to interest me whatsoever, the only thing I have to look forward to going to visit Diana in Madison, Wisconsin in a couple weeks! It will be the first fun I have had all year! Thats so bloody sad. 

Well back to the boredom, I have some pictures of the old paper mill to look up in the archives :I whoohoo


I'm sooooooo Bored!!!

*Sighs dramatically and flails around* 


I Would Love To Travel With The Doctor!

On the

of Doctor who season 4

So essentially I am bored. I am currently at work, alone. I've done some work, sent some emails, answered the phone a few times. Its thrilling. Ugh.....

Monday we did an archaeology day, which went pretty well, but I only had 10 kids, I had seen all 10 of them before. Same kids over and over again, which is good, they enjoy it, but how do I more parents to bring their kids? This town isn't interested in culture, lol. At least it doesn't seem to be. There are some here who are, but not for the most part. 

Anyway Arch day. We made little archaeology sites with crop marks. It was fun. The idea is that when a wall is buried under a field, for example, the crop above it will grow shorter than on either side of it. So, we built little walls of plaster bits and covered it in soil and grass seed. and they have taken them home and hopefully they'll grow. We  will find out!

I am going to Wisconsin for May 2-4 to visit Diana. I am very excited! It will be nice to see a friend and because both our birthdays will have just passed, we will be having a nice post birthday bash, well maybe not bash, there's only two of us, lol! 

I may go to Thunder bay this weekend to visit my friend Kristi from highschool, whom I havnt seen since Graduation! It should be fun, and Ill do some shopping with money I dont have, its really sad that I am excited to go to the Old Navy, lol, sigh... and apparantly TBay has a LUSH so I am all over the magnaminty face mask, and they better have it!!  

Anyway, I'm rambling. I better get back to work.  


Oh yeah and its snowing - again.....

It is April 6 and there is a winter storm going on outside my window......I hate snow. I hate it. I loath it. Any fun that I can have in snow is far greatly out weighed by its ability to annoy me.

Where are the flowers and birds and the sun?