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Its -24'Celsius with a -36' windchill

I think I got mild frostbite from being outside about 2 mins. So curiously I check the weathernetwork, and it is warner in yellowknife, slightly warmer than Whitehorse and Iqualuit is -29, but no recoded windchill.

Alert Nunavut is -27' with a windchill -38 windchill, so relatively the same temp, but they have something called 'Ice Crystals' at the moment, which I imagine to be little icicles raining out of the sky, which seems dangerous. So, Alert has Fort Frances beat for crappyness, of course they are the most northern settlement in Canada and is primarily inhabited by poor mounties who drew the short straws at assignments, so yuo expect them to win in the crappy cold weather contest.

I hate my life, please please please, someone give me a new job. Someplace warmer please.